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"How do you plan to pivot in this 6-feet apart world?"

"It is estimated the 70% of small businesses will not make it to the other side."
We will help you establish systems and strategies to:

  • Implement social distancing

  • Increase your cash flow

  • Build a system of predictability

  • Promote safety

  • Focus like a leader

  • Build a clear vision

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Our company wanted to reach beyond the pain points we currently serve to include this new 6-feet apart world. MD Sharp Consulting represents the small restaurant, the local donut shop, or the mom & pops thrift store. They are the lifeblood of America.  Small businesses are experiencing cash crunches, depleted supply chains, and old systems that will not work under these new world guidelines. From protective masks, gloves, temperature guns, or sanitation areas many businesses need to be equipped to accelerate growth and scale. These companies all share similar pain points in cash flow management, new market leadership, and building systems. Since 2016, we have been supporting small businesses through challenging times, and have an organized team of highly skilled professionals that are committed to continuing this. So, call on the pros at MD Sharp Consulting... we are here to help.

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Our Reputation Speaks for Itself


MD Sharp Consulting, helped my business reduce its CART-TO-DOOR time from

14 DAYS down to 5 DAYS.


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